Sunday, May 27, 2007

meet the members of Washington Teachers:
Jeff Nusser

Jeff Nusser teaches journalism and English/U.S. History at Emerald Ridge High School. He graduated from Washington State University with a journalism degree from the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication in 1999. Then, after a two-year stint as a sports journalist and a one-year stint as an unemployed pickup basketball player, earned his Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Puget Sound and has been a teacher ever since.

Unlike Jim, Jeff is largely unaware of most political activities in the state of Washington -- that's why he reads Jim's edublog, 5/17. However, he's passionate about kids and teaching -- especially when it comes to student journalism education and student free expression rights -- and figures that's qualification enough to be here.

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys all things sports: playing them, watching them, reading about them, and writing about them on one of his other blogs, Hangin With The Nuss. He also is passionate about working on behalf of student journalists in the state, as evidenced by his involvement in the Washington Journalism Education Association, where he is the current chair of the Administrator of the Year award and administrator/writer for the WJEA blog.

His wife, Sarah, is an amazing woman who actually has no knowledge of her husband's participation in Washington Teachers, because she'd probably kill him if she knew he volunteered to write for another blog. He also has a three-month-old son, Joshua.

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