Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Meet the Members: The Science Goddess

The Science Goddess is currently finishing up her 16th year as an educator in the public school system. She started life as a $20 Canadian government surplus baby and then grew up in Texas. After graduating from UT Austin, she turned down a stint in the first group of Teach for America in order to just get on with it and get a certificate. Her official teaching career began in Carlsbad, NM, where she taught in the state's largest junior high for five years before finding sanctuary in a high school in western Washington.

This year is her first year out of the classroom as a full-time supporting staff member for beginning teachers and all k-12 science teachers. She is knee-deep in earning her EdD in Teacher Leadership and is looking forward to a return to the junior high arena as an instructional coach beginning in the fall of 2007.

When she's not writing about herself in the third person, The Science Goddess can be found working in her garden (no Freudian pun intended), enjoying a frosty beverage with friends, or furiously pondering her upcoming dissertation. Feel free to stop by her blog (What It's Like on the Inside) for more musings on life inside---and outside---the classroom.

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