Thursday, June 28, 2007

Big Deal or No Big Deal, Union Dues Lawsuit Edition

The Supreme Court did what everyone thought they would last week and ruled against the WEA in the lawsuit regarding the use of union dues for political purposes.

To our conservative friends, big big deal. SVC Alumnus has been all over it from the very beginning, and his site has a nice overview of comments from op-ed columns around the country.

To the EFF, perhaps the biggest deal they’ve ever had, but clearly not nearly as meaningful since the passage of HB2079. The teachers vs. union blog is still going strong, and there’s some excellent commentary on the EFF homepage.

To Education Week, not a big deal. Not front page news, not front section news. In fact, not until page 29 do you find the article about the decision, and this is the second paragraph:

But the court’s unanimous ruling on June 14 will likely do little harm in the long run to the Washington Education Association or other public-employee unions, legal experts said.
To the WEA, no big deal at all. They’ve barely acknowledged it on their website, most of the rank-and-file couldn’t care less, and the fines might seems steep, but they can be taken care of. There isn’t much here that I can see that would effect change on the WEA, and I’ll leave that to the reader to decide whether that’s a good thing or not.

And it’s also left to you to decide: deal, or no big deal?

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SVC Alumnus Blogger said...

Thanks for the link.

It's a big deal for EFF's prestige (I am a member, but 90% because I support EFF on government accountablity, budget & elections issues) and for the oppressed agency fee payers.

Not a big deal for the WEA long-term. If the incoming WEA president has any brains, she'll settle this lawsuit, pay the teachers back and enact what I call the Seattle Times solution based on this editorial. That would save WEA members a ton of woe and get the focus off of the politicians and back onto the philomaths, methinks.