Sunday, July 1, 2007

Spokane Schools District Joins Statewide Funding Lawsuit

From the June 28th Spokesman-Review:

Spokane Public Schools decided Wednesday to spend thousands of dollars trying to get millions more from the state.

The district’s board of directors voted unanimously to join the Network for Excellence in Washington Schools, a coalition of school districts, teachers, parents and community groups involved in a lawsuit against the state over the way education is funded.

The coalition, which filed the lawsuit in January, wants a King County Superior Court judge to declare that the state has failed to live up to its constitutional obligation, which defines education as its paramount duty.
Washington Learns and the Conley Report may have a shot at meaning something after all...

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Anonymous said...

These districts would have a lot more credibility if they'd open up their books -- and show their check registers -- to the public.

Why don't we first see where the money is being spent, and HOW it is being spent. Then (and only then) do we look at the bigger question of whether or not the state is fufilling its "paramount" duty.

We can't just give public agencies more money simply because they say they need more money.