Thursday, August 16, 2007

what's right with Washington's math education

We can't get enough students to pass the WASL, but at least our ACT results are 3rd-highest in the nation. Of course, a disclaimer is required:
This fact is not incongruous with the failure of many Washington students to meet the standard in the math section of the statewide graduation test, because many students taking the ACT test are high achievers aiming toward college who probably also passed the Washington Assessment of Student Learning.
And yet...
In 2006, Washington public and private school students averaged a combined SAT score of 1059, an average score of 527 in reading and 532 in math. That put Washington at the top of a list of 23 states in which more than 50 percent of high school students take the SAT.
Even without a strict WASL math requirement, we're number one. But then there's overall "college readiness":
The percentage who met the benchmark for all four subjects — including reading and science — was 34 percent, compared to 32 percent last year. Only 23 percent met this benchmark nationally.
Bad as things might be, at least they're better in Washington.


DrPezz said...

I read the report about the ACT scores, but we have to be careful. According to the chart, only 16% of Washington graduates took the ACT. That could skew our results, or at least the perceptions of those results.

Jim Anderson said...

Hence the disclaimer. But over 50% took the SAT, which is heartening in itself.

DrPezz said...

Very true. I wish the state would pay for every student to take the ACT and SAT, or at least anyone who wants to take them.