Sunday, October 28, 2007

Web 2.0 Fever is Catching

There's been a couple of additions to the chorus this month, both long overdue.

The first development is that Terry Bergeson, our own Superintendent of Public Instruction, has begun her own podcast! There's only been one so far, but it's nice to see OSPI getting with the program and coming up with some different ways to communicate their message. I might not always agree with what Dr. B has to say, but there's no denying her prowess as a speaker--you can listen to the podcast here.

On top of that, WEA vice-president Mike Ragan has begun a blog off of the association's website. I've had the chance to listen to Mike speak on a couple different occasions, and he's come across as a thoughtful, passionate voice for teacher unionism and education. There have only been two posts thus far, but if they use the tool right (a big IF that I've commented on before) it has a lot of potential. I still think that discontinuing WE Magazine was a mistake, but such is life.

I'd also be remiss if I didn't praise TV Washington for the great work on their recent website redesign. It looks sharp, and it's now a lot easier to get to the videos I'm looking for. The only thing missing is the ability to download the videos and watch them later, but perhaps that will come another day.

Happy surfing!

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