Friday, November 2, 2007

More on the Dropout Crisis

The Alliance for Excellent Education has released a neat report about the impact of high school dropouts on a states economy. Some stats they provide for Washington:

  • If the nearly 30,000 high school dropouts from the Class of 2007 had earned their diplomas instead of dropping out, Washington’s economy would have seen an additional $8.0 billion in wages over these students’ lifetimes.

  • Washington spends over $125 million each year to provide community college remediation education for recent high school graduates who did not acquire the basic skills necessary to succeed in college or at work.

  • Were Washington to increase the graduation rate and college matriculation of its male students by only 5 percent, the state could see combined savings and revenue of almost $111 million each year.
Definite food for thought.

(Hat tip to Jenny D. for a link to the story)

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