Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Simple Majority Blogathon Continues!

Sound Politics looks at it from a conservative standpoint; take the time to read the comments and you'll hear some neat new conspiracy theories, also expounded on here.

Horse's Ass is the blog home of unapologetic liberal David Goldstein, who also hosts a great radio show on KIRO 710 out of Seattle on the weekends. A supporter from the beginning, he shares the good news here.

The Spokane Spokesman-Review weighs in here; you should also read this blog entry to get the context for this quote from the loveable Tim Eyman:

"Three or four million dollars spent, with no opposition, and yet they barely eke out a victory?" he said. "Yeah, voters LOVE tax increases…This is just gasoline on the fire."
I think he's frustrated because voter's love his initiatives but the law doesn't.

Finally, those who wrote in opposition to 4204 made some claims regarding the state's role in funding basic education that they may regret. The Other Side has the Janae Holmquist beat covered, here.

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