Monday, November 19, 2007

What Leaders Make

The November 16th edition of the Chronicle of Higher Education features their yearly look at what college and university presidents are making; there’s some big numbers to be found. Consider these, the highest paid presidents at private universities:

  • Richard Freeland, Northeastern University: $2,887,785
  • James Gallagher, Philadelphia U: $2,557,219
  • William Brody, Johns Hopkins: $1,938,024
At public universities:

  • David Roselle, U of Delaware: $874,687
  • John Casteen, U of Virginia: $753,672
  • Mark A. Emmert, University of Washington: $752,700
That said, given how the UofW has been doing lately, you could fairly argue that Dr. Emmert has earned every penny.

Washington State’s recent president, V. Lane Rawlins, made $576,450. William Robinson of Whitworth brought home $286,420, and Reverend Spitzer of Gonzaga took down a cool $259,477, though I suspect he probably doesn’t see much of it, what with the vow of poverty and all.

Good for them!

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