Friday, January 11, 2008

Dr. Bergeson Goes to Olympia

Terry Bergeson made it official today, announcing that she would pursue a rare 4th term for Superintendent of Public Instruction. From the Seattle PI:

Terry Bergeson says she'll run for a fourth term as state superintendent of public instruction - a job she thinks no one else would want because "It's a scary job right now."

Bergeson said in a recent interview that she still has work to finish: "This isn't the time to leave."

The former teacher has held the nonpartisan post for 12 years. She has been praised, especially by business leaders, for raising the state's education standards, but has also drawn sharp criticism for her strong and continuing support of the Washington Assessment of Student Learning.

One of harshest critics of Bergeson and the WASL has been the state teachers' union, the Washington Education Association, which she once led.
At the bottom of the article there's a link to Terry's campaign website, which frankly is pretty terrible right now. I hope she gets more content in there, stat.


Anonymous said...

I'm Terry Bergeson's chief opponent. Unfortunately, my campaign website isn't really squared away, either. But I hope to do a lot of work on it over the next few weeks.

David Blomstrom versus The

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that link didn't work. Let me try again...

David Blomstrom versus The Seattle Mafia

Jim Anderson said...

Last time Blomstrom ran against Bergeson, he polled 6th... out of 6 primary candidates. But then, this is the year of Ron Paul, right?

Anonymous said...

You're right...but you forgot to mention that that was probably the most scr*wed up election in state history. There were certain counties that had information about just one or two SPI candidates - or no candidates at all - on their websites. The Secretary of State posted a link to my website that led to a different website (not one of mine).

As usual, the corporate media scarcely mentioned any candidates aside from their favorites. In that particular campaign, they focused on the three women candidates, scarcely mentioning any of the male candidates. I was invited to just ONE forum.

So, yes, I fared rather poorly against candidates with far more money and corrupt endorsements, in the midst of a virtual media blackout and a political election that was nearly wrecked by the folks in charge.

To put it another way, the last election was just another free ride for Terror Bergeson. Which isn't to say the current election will be any less corrupt. Ultimately, the ball is in the public's court. Will teachers, parents and taxpayers care enough to get involved this time around?

Will people ask questions about Bergeson's bizarre relationship with Seattle attorney Judith Lonnquist and right-wing education assassin Don Nielson? Will people finally recognize the fact that public education is being privatized and take a stand?

Oops, sorry to bore you with ISSUES, something Terry Bergeson likes to ignore. You sound like one of the clowns who like to vote for establishment candidates with no issues but lots of money (and corrupt endorsements).

P.S. You might want to do a little research on the candidates I ran against last time around. What were their issues? How about their track records? Are they still fighting the good fight?

You might find the results illuminating.

Superintendent of Public Destruction said...

Terry's site is now MIA. She needs to get her public relations & communications crew in check. Stat.

Anonymous said...

Rich Semler is running! He's my dad and he's awesome. He's dedicated his life to public schools and is such a good guy. I really think he can make a difference.

Please check out his website:



Anonymous said...

Do people know that David Blomstrom, comments seen above, hosts the following website: