Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hello to All the Eastern Washington Teachers!

Here in the Spokane area it dumped a ton of snow--again. We had a snow day today--the fourth in a row--and there's every chance that we won't have school tomorrow, either.

So, if you're at home enjoying a day off, welcome to Washington Teachers! For those who aren't in the snow zone, here's some pictures to make the point:

That's my front yard. Most of the snow came last Sunday, but since then we've dumped about 10 more inches. The real fun where I live, here on the West Plains of Spokane County, is the wind--drifting snow closed the highway, and here's why:

That's not the same picture--that's my driveway, the one that I plowed out yesterday. The snow drifts are 22 to 25 inches at my house, and channel 6 says that in other places the drifts are 5 to 6 feet deep.

A snow day is a nice thing. A whole bunch of snow days in a row, not so much.

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