Thursday, January 3, 2008

Rich Semler Website Up and Running

Richard Semler, the former Richland superintendent who is Terry Bergeson's main competition in the OSPI election this November, has gotten out with his website first at It looks good; I'm hoping they'll get more thoughts from Dr. Semler himself on the state of Washington education today.


Jim Anderson said...

He makes a good first impression. I'll be looking forward to this race--Bergeson's pretty well entrenched, so we'll have to see if anyone can mount a serious challenge.

David Blomstrom said...

No, he didn't get "out with his website first," you lying fool. Mine was already up.

As for first impressions, Semler looks like just about any other candidate for SPI, Seattle School Board - or Seattle City Council, for that matter. Lots of rhetoric.

His big issues apparently include "Teamwork" and "Respect." No mention of the privatization of public education or the extraordinary corruption in our public schools and the Washington Education Association.

He apparently values increased funding over fiscal accountability.

If you like business as usual, vote for Semler.

Anonymous said...

Do people know that David Blomstrom, comments seen above, hosts the following website:

Anonymous said...

Go Rich Semler!! I'll be getting his name out to folks in my district (Olympia). Finally, some sanity for the Bergeson train wreck.

Jim Anderson said...

Hey anonymous, I'm down in Olympia. If you like, send me an email explaining why Olympia voters should get behind Semler, and I'll post it on my local edu-blog, 5/17.