Friday, February 22, 2008

The WEA on YouTube

While poking around on the WEA's website I noticed that some of their recent videos are being hosted by YouTube, which is a very good idea for them. You can go to their YouTube Channel and see what they've put out so far; it's a good start. I would say that some of their videos could use some graphics to explain what's going on--it's sort of off-putting when you jump right into the middle of what someone is saying. This video on class size gets it right:


Anonymous said...

Small class size is the greatest thing that can help a teacher that is not otherwise equipped how to teach efficiently.

Class size on its own, however is a distant second to teacher training and teacher methodology as the biggest factor in student achievement.

Two kindergartens, each with a class size of 15 taught with whole language, for example, will not achieve as much as one class of thirty taught by a teacher experienced in Direct Instruction and Precision Teaching.

For the thirty years of data proving this, google Project Follow Through -- the biggest educational methodology study ever, funded by the federal government, that most teacher have never heard of, and were not taught about in ed school.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the previous comment was by someone who is NOT a teacher. I'd like to see the person who posted teach 26 kindergarten students to read, write, think and write like scientist, count, add, etc. using differentiated instruction all while socializing them into school, making them feel special, and keeping it fun. Class size makes a huge difference!