Sunday, March 23, 2008

How To Get Fired

1) While at Mat Classic, take your student athletes to dinner at Hooters.
2) While having dinner with them, order yourself a beer.
3) Drive the kids back to the hotel after consuming said beer.
4) Put the beer on your expense report to the district.
5) When questioned about why you bought beer with the district credit card, lie and encourage others to lie as well.

You can read the whole story here about how the head wrestling coach in the Highland School District, Izzy Naranjo, threw his job away. Sad, but anyone who drinks and drives kids around--even if it is only one beer--shouldn't be retained.

I just finished a school law class where the professor was very fond of saying that 99% of the problems he'd seen over the years were because of a lack of common sense. I think this certainly qualifies.

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