Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ryan endorses Rich Semler

Our own Ryan, that is.
In short, I think Richard Semler would make a hell of an SPI. I like the knowledge base he showed, I liked his specific suggestions for improving the system, and I think he can bring a perspective to the job that would benefit education as a whole.
Semler faces incumbent Terry Bergeson and a couple other challengers--David Blomstrom and Donald Hansler. So far, given the beating Bergeson's policies have taken lately, I like Semler's chances.

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David Blomstrom said...

(Yawn) Semler is just another one-issue (e.g. anti-WASL) candidate. In other words, he's probably being groomed by our corporate masters to pose as Bergeson's main opponent.

As usual, I'll probably be the only candidate focusing on the #1 issue facing education: Corporatization.

Access my campaign website via on June 1, 2008. (I tried linking directly to my campaign website, but it's apparently being blocked by this - ahem, "unbiased" - blog.) I have many surprises in store, including three very big ones.

As Bill Gates, Sr. once told me, "It just goes to show, you can never be too careful."

David Blomstrom