Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bellevue EA to Strike?

Quite possibly. From the Seattle PI via the Associated Press:

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Bellevue teachers voted tonight to go on strike Sept. 2 if they do not have a tentative contract agreement by then.

The motion passed by 94 percent.

Their current collective bargaining agreement expires Aug. 31. The major contract issues include compensation and district-mandated use of Web-based curriculum.

The Bellevue Education Association represents about 1,200 teachers and other certificated staff.
I'm negotiating the new contract for my district right now, and it's an interesting process. I hope that Bellevue gets their issues resolved before this turns into a disaster.


Anonymous said...

What is the latest on the teacher's strike. Anything new?

BellevueBubble said...

The Bellevue Reporter had a new article in today's paper. I sourced it and a couple other media outlets on

Anonymous said...

It's not looking good at this point. Compensation is very far from being resolved and there has been little movement in the curriculum issues brought up.

Anonymous said...

It's still very bad... The spin the district is putting on the negotiations is disgusting - some things they are posting on their website is an outright lie. They are even telling the BEA bargaining team that we are bluffing. The fact is they are offering a 1.5% pay raise over three years (1% the first year, nothing the second and 1/2% the third year) in exchange for spending $500,000 less on our benefits package and cutting many teachers' "supplemental" hours. Teachesr who are supporting families with their insurance are looking at taking a net reduction in pay.

As for the curriculum issues. Yes, they have offered to let us replace "some" of the daily scripted lessons, but the process they wish to demand is about 8hrs of work each time you do it. In other words, if you replace three lessons in one day, you will need to spend 24 hours writing it up.

That is why the teachers are really pissed off. If BSD doesn't take care of it, there will be a strike. The City of Bellevue passes all of its levies. Teh Bellevue Schools Foundation raises a tremendous amount of money. The BSD Board and Administration have zero excuses for this. I suggest you go to their website ( and call every Board Member and demand that they settle if they hope for re-election.

Anonymous said...

As it is, the Bellevue teachers are some of the highest paid in the state. At a time of sate wide budget crunches, I have yet to see where teachers expect funds to come from.
As I understand it, there is also a request for up to 15 sick days a year. Once you consider summer, christmas, mid-winter and spring break, teachers work less than nine months a year. And that doesn't include all of the in-sevice days and other holidays and half-day wednesdays. Please!
My children moved to the area from a Seattle district where there weren't enough books, materials and schools are being consolidated. Most parents work and there isn't nearly the parental support and activity the B.S.D. has. As far as teaching gigs gets a lot worse. And if you look at the national picture, we can still offer recess, a free-lunch program, P.E., music and library. We are so lucky!
Many teachers complain that they can't afford to live in district. If you don't like it, teach in your own district and make less. Didn't think so!
And the web-based curriculum is only a problem for the good teachers-and to you all, I am sorry for this comment-but a standardized lesson plan keeps the standards consistant with the slackers. The district's objective should be to maintain the best and highest consistant standards for the children.
To date, teachers have not communicated effectivlely with parents. Since you take our tax dollars, ask for money for in-class supplies and ask us to volunteer in class, the least you could do it keep us in the loop.