Monday, June 2, 2008

Spokane Spokesman-Review: Education News Central

Not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE good articles on education from the Sunday Spokesman!

(Note: Because the Spokesman refuses to make their content free to non-subscribers, which makes them the only major daily in Washington to do so, I've tried where possible to link to the stories through other news outlets.)

Settlement Clears Way for EV Religious Meetings: East Valley High School caused a big ruckus this winter when the principal told a group of Christian students that they couldn’t hold a meeting at the school during school time. The kids sued for $1, arguing that it wasn’t money they were after but a restoration of their constitutional rights.

It’s an interesting case that touches on some of the big issues in school law.

Northwest Educators Discuss Dropout Rates: The UofW held a one-day conference on Friday to bring together educators from all over the northwest to talk about the dropout crisis; the take-home quote from the article:

A panel of educators told the educators that after years of talking about how students need to be properly prepared for school, it’s time for schools to start preparing for students.
I would challenge this. Too much of the “culturally responsive” teaching I’ve seen runs more along the lines of “You don’t have to learn this because of your culture!”, and that does no good for anyone.

Something New, Something Old: Students at Kamiakin High School in Kennewick are getting to participate in an archaeological dig with professors from Central Washington University. That’s fun experiential learning, right there.

Official Party Pooper Riles Seattle U. Students: Seattle University students who post messages about parties on Facebook are getting a knock on the door from school administrators, literally—they’re showing up at their apartments and telling them not to have the parties. The named administrator is Father Glen Butterworth, a Jesuit who lives on the campus. His “I get it! No, I don’t!” quote:

Butterworth said his intent is not necessarily to shut down parties: “I understand. I want to shake a leg, as well,” he said. “I am just hoping they will be responsible.”
Butterworth next intends to go after sock-hopping and milkshake-sharing epidemics. More from the campus newspaper here.

Most Young People Don’t Meet Standards for Military Service: This is the title of a commentary from the wonderfully named General "I Am" William S. Wallace of the US Army Training and Doctrine Command. Some stats he offers:

Many young Americans are willing to serve, but too little is made of the declining number of people who are qualified to serve. This is the real story and it’s a shocking one. Only 28 percent of the 17- to 24-year-old population qualifies to wear a military uniform. The other 72 percent fail to met minimum standards on education, character, and health. The problem gets worse. Of those eligible to serve, a significant part chooses not to for a variety of reasons.
Some day a candidate will come along who makes the financial and physical health of Americans a top priority. Until then, not much will change.

Good work, Spokesman. Just wish people could actually get the news off your website.

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