Monday, September 1, 2008

Bellevue Teachers Take to the Picket Lines

The Seattle Times has the most recent update on the Bellevue EA beginning their strike tomorrow. It's pretty profound how far apart the two sides seem to be; at the Bellevue School District's website they have their most recent proposals posted, including an open letter to teachers and parents, while over at the Bellevue EA they're similarly entrenched and getting their side of the story out.

The fun picture of the situation is of Bellevue's Superintendent at the most recent school board meeting, looking like the Saddest Superintendent in the World:

See also KOMO TV for video. KIRO TV has two video stories up, as well as a "Do you support the strike?" poll that teachers are currently winning, and here's King 5 to round out the TV coverage.

Marysville all over again?


BellevueBubble said...

I would tend to agree with the notion teachers need flexibility within their own classrooms. I imagine each year brings a new set of learning styles, attitudes, and aptitudes. Teachers need the flexibility to reach those students who may not fall into the main-stream learning style. With that said, the best teachers will find a way regardless of the what curiculum is placed before them.

James said...

True, but why hamper the teachers? It's obvious to anyone who has ever had an excellent teacher that rigid curricular orthodoxy does not a good education make. Teaching is not and should not be done by committee.