Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Look Forward to Making the First Graders Call Me "Dr. Teacher"

Cleaning out my inbox I realized that I hadn't passed along the news from Washington State University that they have a new Doctoral specialization in Teacher Leadership that comes more from the "Let's think big thoughts about schools!" side and less from the "You're going to be a principal!" side. It sounds like fun, actually. You can find more information here.

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Travis said...

This is not a comment, but a contact. I received a link to your blog from Nancy at Teacher in a Strange Land. I like your blog a great deal--short, concise, thoughtful.

I would like to subscribe to your blog, but I prefer email updates of posts rather than RSS. Are you able to add some widget to achieve this? Or have your posts link up to Twitter as a way to let people know you have posted? Thanks.

I have saved your blog URL so I can read it until such time it appears in my email box.