Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Meanwhile, in Gig Harbor

More than a year ago, a student in the Peninsula School District was expelled after being implicated in a plot to shoot students at his school. The student was later cleared of all charges, but the expulsion was not reversed. The school district has now agreed that the student can return to school (in the alternative program) as long as he regularly meets with a counselor who deems him fit to return. The family does not like this condition. (Read more here.)

I can understand the family's objection. If the boy has been acquitted by a jury, then perhaps his claims of innocence are true---why should he have to submit to further restrictions by the school district?

But perhaps the district's concerns run a bit deeper. Here is a student who, at the very least, made some poor choices in friends in the past and as a result has gained a bit of notoriety among peers and the community. He hasn't been part of the social fabric of a school in some time. Wouldn't access to a therapist help this young man transition back into the world of school? Perhaps help him reflect more on the choices he makes in the future?

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