Thursday, January 31, 2008

Help Wanted

From the want ads in the January 9th Education Week:

Superintendent Spokane Public Schools

Located in eastern WA, Spokane enjoys four distinct seasons and 260 sunny days each year. The city’s slogan, “Near Nature—Near Perfect,” is revealed in its family friendly community with miles of trails for hiking, dozens of lakes and rivers for water sports and abundant natural beauty. The Spokane Board of Education is seeking an outstanding executive educator who embraces “Excellence for Everyone” to lead the District’s 28,000 students and 4,000 faculty and staff. The District operates 6 high, 6 middle, and 24 elementary schools. Spokane Public Schools is one of four Washington school districts recognized by the State Superintendent for breakthrough student achievement levels accomplished by professionals who truly collaborate to achieve success for all students. The new Superintendent should have a proven track record for leading a team of highly skilled professional educators and actively involved parents and community supporters. A regionally competitive compensation package will be offered. Screening begins in mid-January. Experience blaming others for your problems, both perceived and imaginary, is a plus. No fatties.
I may have made up those last two sentences. Possibly.

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