Thursday, January 31, 2008

Well, that's nice for them.

The January 2008 edition of Washington CEO Magazine takes a look at some of Washington’s elite private schools; the fun is in the yearly tuition:

Bertschi: $16,755
Bush: $22,000
Evergreen: $15,700
Lakeside: $22,160
Northwest: $20,880
Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences: $21,054
University Child Development School: $16,888
Annie Wright: $17,995

The full article is an interesting insight into the top-tier schools.


Jim Anderson said...

Hmm. Am I wrong in thinking that those price, if not more expensive, are about as much as the state (with some federal lovin') allocates per pupil, all things considered?

Jim Anderson said...

Prices. It's early. Happy Friday.