Monday, February 11, 2008

Highlights of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Education 2008 Supplemental Operating Budget

That’s a mouthful, innit?

I had written a two-page overview of the House budget, with links, but the problem is that I find budgets to be maddeningly boring, which is why I don't live by one (sorry, Visa!). Thankfully, the good folks at the Washington Association of School Administrators have been on the case with readable budget analysis. Good on them!

(Their This Week in Olympia newsletter is aces. Great reading for anyone with an interest in politics or schools!)

It's a big week in the legislature. Bills that don't get out of the House Appropriations or Senate Ways and Means Committees by tomorrow are pretty much done; the big one for the WEA will be to see if HB2458 on class size has any legs to it. There were a couple of really good Republican bills that didn't get a hearing that I'll be talking about later this week, while restoring the COLA sounds like it actually might have some life to it. Time permitting, I'll post what I can here!

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