Monday, February 11, 2008

The Math Wars Rage On

Surfing around the other day I came to the Where’s the Math? website, and was pleased to find that they’ve released their version of what our new state math standards should be. Particularly interesting is this document where they compare their version of the standards to the version the Dana Center put together for OSPI recently; math teachers especially will be interested to see the difference between what the state proposes and what an ideal could be.

I was set to go to the public meeting in Spokane two weeks back on the proposed standards, but the epic snowstorm kept me at home. If you were able to attend the roll-out in your area, please share!

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Anonymous said...

Well . . . what did you think of the Where's the Math standards compared to the Dana Center standards? Are you a math teacher? If so, what grade do you teach?