Monday, May 12, 2008


Took the time to read the EFF's most recent newsletter this morning, and there was an introductory message from their new Director of Labor Policy, Sonya Jones (I've mentioned her before.) She doesn't like unions--that's kind of a prerequisite for the position--but I plain can't relate to the thought process when I read things like this:

I believe that just about the only thing more dangerous
than environmental zealots are labor unions, so it is with
great anticipation that I come to you as the new Director
of the Labor Policy Center at EFF.
The most dangerous things in Sonya's world are labor unions and environmentalists. It must be nice to have lived such a charmed life where those are the biggest concerns you have.

Welcome to the quagmire, Sonya.

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Jim Anderson said...

For the record, I am afraid of garage bands.