Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rich Semler Quits OSPI Race

The Tri-Cities Herald has the story of how Dr. Semler is quitting the race because of health concerns involving his wife, Ginny. Political blogger Chris Mulick has additional commentary here; you can also listen to his last radio interview as a candidate, which is the post right before this one.

This is a shocker. He addressed the WEA Rep Assembly last week, talked to the State PTA the week before that, and seemed to be good to go the distance. Semler dropping out of the race leaves only PSE Executive Director Randy Dorn as a serious candidate; a candidate whose business website touts his experience as an entertaining motivational speaker. If you dig deeper his bona fides look good, but with three months to go until the primary can he get the message out effectively enough to take this race to a general election?

Could any other candidate join the race today and still be able to get enough of a statewide profile to make a difference?

I doubt it. I think that Terry Bergeson just won the OSPI race by default.

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David Blomstrom said...

Wow, you regard Dorn as a "serious candidate" even after it was revelaed that he tried to influence the legislature to pad his retirement pension to the tune of thousands of dollars. Your lack of ethics says a lot about your credibility as a commentator on education issues.

In other news, the SPI campaign seems to be self-destructing, doesn't it? The media and their three favored candidates have been focusing on the WASL and corrupt teachers unions, leaving me to discuss all the issues they ignore.

Then it's revealed that Randy Dorn tried to influence the legislature to pad his retirement pension. Yeah, that's just the kind of guy we need looking out after children. Sheez, does this clown even have a campaign website?

Just two days later, we learn that Rich Semler has dropped out of the race.

A series of coincidences or some sort of conspiracy? You can read my initial thoughts at

Check back again, as I'll be adding more details to that page.

David Blomstrom
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