Friday, June 13, 2008

Checking Out

Isn't the end of the year something?

There's a certain point in time when the seesaw finally tips the kids' way, and they're done. It doesn't matter how well constructed or novel the lesson you're trying to teach is, because their minds are on sunshine and beaches and leisure. That's my first graders, anyhow, though the little bit I know about teenagers makes me think they're not all that different.

In my district our last day of school is next Monday, which had to be done because of the crappy winter weather we had around here. I suspect that many of my kids won't bother with Monday, which is fine with me.

That's not it for us teachers, though. The two days immediately after that are workshop days, and later this month there's a 4-day session on the new math standards. I've already got my list of things to do for next year spinning around my head (Get more phonics games ready! You need a new way to teach 2-digit subtraction! Let's revamp social studies!), but those can wait for August.

Summer is coming. I'm ready.

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