Monday, June 16, 2008

Diplomas Count, Part II: Change is Good

(Part of a series looking at the 2008 Diplomas Count report from Education Week; you can find other articles here)

In the report EdWeek chose to work with the 2005 graduation rate data, because it’s the most recent number that has been thoroughly vetted by research. In their overall look at graduation rates state-by-state they also include a look at the five-year trend, and Washington comes off well:

1. Tennessee, +7.9%
2. Florida, +7.8%
3. (tie) Kentucky and New York, +6.2%
4. (tie) Arizona and Washington, +6.0%
Top six, and a tie for Best in the West! Not too shabby. At least we’re not on this end of the scale:

50. Louisiana, -9.4%
49. Nevada, -9.3%
48. District of Columbia, -7.5%
47. New Mexico, -7.3%
46. South Dakota, -4.2%
Remember, that number above for Louisiana is pre-Katrina. Next year’s report will be even worse.

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