Monday, June 16, 2008

The Parts Become the Whole

This morning, on the last day of school, one of the parapros comes into my room and drops off a flyer about Randy Dorn. She'd volunteered at the State Democratic Convention here in Spokane, where Dorn was endorsed by the state Democratic party; she mentioned too that she was angry at Bergeson because of some maneuver she'd tried to keep Dorn from getting said endorsement.

Just now I read a blog post from the News Tribune covering the convention, and they mention a fight over whether the party should even be making recommendations in non-partisan races.

Then add in this from David Postman of the Seattle Times:

I ran into Randy Dorn, the former Democratic lawmaker running for superintendent of public instruction, and he said the party's executive committee endorsed him today. He says that will make it easier for him to win an endorsement from the Washington Education Association.
And finally consider this piece, which comes from an email that I received:

Despite a last minute attempt by Terry Bergeson to avoid the
embarrassment of not getting the party's endorsement for the first time in her political career, the State Democratic Party also declared it was time for a change at OSPI.
From the looks of it Terry worked hard to get the endorsement for herself, and when that didn't happen she did all she could to keep it from going to Dorn. She's a pro when it comes to this game of politics, and the effort that she's expending makes me believe that she thinks she might be in some jeopardy.

It could be a more interesting summer than I thought.


Anonymous said...

I was at the state convention on Saturday. No non-partisan candidates were endorsed or allowed to speak. I don't understand where this story that we endorsed Dorn comes from. As far as I'm concerned, Bergeson has worked hard and schools and curriculum are vastly improved.

Ryan said...

I hate to be disagreeable, so I'll let the State Democrat's website disagree for me.

David Blomstrom said...

So you love union wh*res, eh?

I assume you're aware that Randy Dorn and a union lobbyist tried to persuade the legislature to pass a law that would have swelled retirement pensions by as much as $90,000 a year. How many people would have benefitted from the law? Just two - Randy Dorn and the union lobbyist.

Read "Friends in High Places":

Another interesting fact: Randy Dorn helped create the WASL he now claims to oppose. Dorn has also been endorsed by the corrupt Democratic Party. Nuff said.

Anyone who wants to support a candidate who is NOT corrupt, one who has been attacking union corruption for over a decade, should check out my campaign website at

David Blomstrom
Political Activist & Candidate for SPI
(Stay tuned for my new website exposing union corruption, from the Washington Education Association to the Reamsters.)