Sunday, December 23, 2007

When you cross Grandpa Simpson with Otto

From the Spokesman-Review:

The driver who recently pulled a school bus into the path of an oncoming SUV was old enough to be the great-grandfather to several 12-year-old passengers who were treated for minor injuries.

Marshall W. St. John, a substitute driver for West Valley School District, was cited for failure to yield the right of way when he pulled onto Highway 27 near Freeman High School, the Washington State Patrol said. School officials said St. John was taken off the substitute list while the accident is being investigated.

St. John is 80 years old. He is one of 97 people over age 75 statewide who hold a license to drive a school bus, state officials said. Twenty live in Spokane County, including St. John and a West Valley substitute driver who is 78.
Pilots have to retire at 65, now. Are you ever too old to be a busdriver?

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