Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dorn Outpolling Bergeson?

Buried in this Politicker Washington story about the tight Gregoire/Rossi race was this rather startling tidbit about the OSPI contest:

The same poll asked voters about the superintendent of public instruction race. Respondents chose Randy Dorn 43 percent of the time, compared with incumbent Terry Bergeson at 32 percent. 16 percent were undecided and 9 percent chose other.
Given that Dorn's campaign started late, and that Bergeson is a 12 year incumbent, for him to be up 11 points in any poll seems like a small miracle.

I didn't think Dorn had it in him; the winds of change may be blowing harder than anyone could have anticipated.

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Anonymous said...

LOL - Yes, Dorn's skyrocketing popularity is indeed a small miracle...or a bald-faced lie.

The media earlier reported a poll that listed Terry Bergeson's support at just 12%, with a whopping 67% undecided. They never revealed who the reamaining 21% supported, a clue that many, if not most, didn't favor Dorn.

Just ten days later, they trot out another poll that says Bergeson's support has nearly tripled, and Dorn ranks even higher. And all of this happened in the space of 1 1/2 weeks - during summer vacation.

This is just another example of corporate interests manipulating elections. I wrote about this little stunt on my campaign website, by the way.

David Blomstrom
Candidate for SPI